Hummer Limo Bus Folsom

If you are looking for a really impressive limo to carry you and your friends around to your next party, the Hummer limo bus is what you are looking for! This limo bus has a unique look that is completely one of a kind, and it gives you an incredible party experience.

What is a Hummer limo bus?

The Hummer was famous several years ago for being a massive, military-style vehicle that got terrible gas mileage and took up practically the whole road. In fact, Hummers are military vehicles, though the versions that civilians could buy were not equipped with all the features that the military-issue vehicles were. As everyday cars, Hummers have become somewhat less popular since the first wave of their trend has passed, but they still represent fun and quite a bit of luxury.

A Hummer limo bus is essentially a regular Hummer that has been stretched out and extended to hold a lot of people. The exterior still has the same unique combination of sleek shininess and tough military functionality. The interior is tricked out with the softest leather seats, the coldest mini-fridges, the biggest flat screen TVs, and the hottest decorations. If there was ever any doubt that the Hummer knew how to party, the Hummer Limo Bus has eradicated it.

How many people does a Hummer limo bus hold?

The Hummer limo bus holds up to 24 people in the extended edition. There is definitely enough room for you to gather a huge group of friends for your party or special event!

How do I reserve a Hummer limo bus?

Just call us at Luxury Limo Folsom and make an appointment! We are always here and ready to schedule rides. You can also fill out the contact form on this page to ask about availability and schedule your Hummer limo bus ride. One of our customer service experts will get back to you within 24-48 hours.