Limo Bus Folsom, CA

If you are looking for fun, our limo buses are a party on wheels! There’s a reason these things are called party buses. Grab your friends and hire a limo bus in Folsom – we’ll take you where you want to go in style and you will have fun the whole way there and back again.

What is a limo bus?

The term “limo bus” is a little bit deceiving. It makes people think of public transportation buses, where the seats are in rows and everything smells a little bad. Limo buses are nothing like that! A limo bus at Luxury Limo Folsom looks a bit like a tour bus on the outside, but on the inside it looks like the height of luxury. We have comfy benches made of real leather, a mini-bar, a TV, and everything you need to make it a party!

What is the difference between a limo bus and a party bus?

There is no difference whatsoever. A limo bus is a party bus and a party bus is a limo bus. Limo buses are parties on wheels. The party goes with you no matter where you are going. Load up with up to 21 of your friends and get ready to let the good times roll!

How many people does a limo bus hold?

Here at Luxury Limo Folsom, our limo buses hold up to 22 people. That’s a lot of people at your party, and a lot of fun to be had. We guarantee that when you schedule an outing on a limo bus from Luxury Limo Folsom, you will have a great time that you will never forget!

What limo bus activities do you offer?

At Luxury Limo Folsom, we have limousine services for all your special events – weddings, proms, formal affairs, and nights on the town. We also have our own activities that we offer. The most popular of these activities is our Limo Wine Tour. We bring you around to all the best wineries in the area and arrange for tours and tastings at each one. You get to see Folsom in a way you never have before, you get to taste amazing wines, and you can do it all with a group of your friends without even worrying about driving afterwards!

If you are looking for an awesome way to get to your next big bash with your buddies, or if you want to take the party with you on the road, check out our limo buses and party buses at Luxury Limo Folsom!