Luxury Limo Bus Folsom

If you are planning a fun night with a group of friends, a limo bus from Luxury Limo Folsom is the perfect way to get the party started right! Reserve a limo bus for yourself and up to 21 friends and enjoy the best that Folsom, CA has to offer!

What is a limo bus?

As the name suggests, a limo bus is basically an extra-large limousine that seats as many people as a small bus. We have all the luxury you would expect from a conventional limo, plus all the fun you would expect from the hottest party in town. Enjoy drinks from the mini-fridge, music and movies on the flat screen TV, and the ultimate in comfort from our leather seats.

What is the difference between a limo bus and a party bus?

They are the exact same thing. Both a limo bus and a party bus are large, extended SUV-style limousines that get the party started before you ever get to the party!

How many people fit into a limo bus?

Our limo buses here at Luxury Limo Folsom hold up to 22 people. If you are going to have more than that in your group, consider renting two vehicles to accommodate your full headcount.

If you are planning a rocking party and will need transportation for a bunch of people, give Luxury Limo Folsom a call today and reserve one of our limo buses!